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Our team of experienced technicians can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and provide top-quality repairs to get your pool back in working order. We use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that your repairs are done right the first time, so you can enjoy your pool for years to come. You can trust us to provide the best value for your repair needs.

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Control System Services:

  • New Control System Install

  • Current Control System Repairs

  • Digital Control System Upgrades

  • Electrical Repairs Related to   the Control System.

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Heater Services:

  • Heater Installations

  • Heater Repairs

  • Heater Troubleshooting

  • Heater Replacement

  • Heater Removals

  • Heater Bypassing

  • Heater Delete.

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Pump Services:

  • New Pump Installations

  • Pump Motor Replacements

  • Pump Upgrades

  • Pump Leaks or Cracks

  • Other Pump Related Issues.

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Salt System Services:

  • Salt System Installation

  • Salt System Upgrades

  • Salt System Repairs

  • Salt Cell Cleaning

  • Salt Cell Sensor Replacement

  • Salt Cell Leaks

  • Chlorine Tablet Feeder Repairs or Deletes. 

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Filter Services:

  • Filter Installations

  • Filter Upgrades

  • Cartridge or D.E. Filter Cleaning

  • Sand Filter Sand Change

  • Filter Leaks or Cracks

  • Water-flow Issues.

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Pool or Spa Light Services:

  • Whole Light Replacements

  • Light Bulb Replacements

  • LED Light Installation

  • LED Light Repairs

  • LED Light Upgrades

  • Pool Lights Not Working.

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