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Clear Up's

Has your pool turned green? or are you having problems clearing it up again?

Good News! We've got you covered, we offer two service options to get your pool back in swimming conditions in no time.

Clear Up

A pool clear up is ideal for pools whom have gotten cloudy, or have grown algae and you're looking to get it back in swimming conditions. It involves 3-4 visits  where the pool is cleaned, the water tested and chemicals rebalanced until the water is safe to swim. A Filter backwash or cleaning is recommended after all clear ups to guarantee the pool remains in good shape for the rest of the season. 

Drain & Clean

The Best Solution for Green Pools. Also known as “Acid Washing”. Acid washing a pool is a process of cleaning the interior surface of a pool using a diluted solution of muriatic acid. The pool is completely drained and pressure washed with a chlorine/water mix first followed by the Acid/ Water mix bath. The process is typically used to remove heavy stains, buildup of algae and minerals, and discoloration of the pool surface. Acid washing can be done on concrete, plaster, and fiberglass pools. It is not recommended for vinyl liner or painted pools. The process is also called a "Drain and Clean" or "Chemical wash”, Results will vary depending on the pool finish, color & age but will look better than before 90% of the time. Treatment Is performed in one day, and takes an additional 2-3 days to drain and refill the pool water.

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